Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dazed and exhausted

Today's been kind of a useless hangover day.

I had quite a long and interesting day yesterday for Andrew C.'s birthday and simply felt exhausted today. Not surprising considering how much I actually drank and was still coherent enough to make conversation with Andrew's kind of serious mannered friend. I had talked to a number of Andrew's friends that night who would go in and out to smoke cigs but it wasn't awkward or anything because it was kareoke night and I was a little preoccupied picking songs.

Here's some of the songs I can sing relatively well:
Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood
Good Girl by Carrie Underwood
White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane
Redneck woman by Gretchen Wilson (*Granted I haven't actually sang this at a bar before-- last night the bartender sang it and it gave me the idea)

And I'm going to keep an ear out for other songs by female country artists and maybe Hailstorm. I've never even been a country fan but I can sing it a Hell of a lot better than my whack at any female pop voice I can think of. It would be even worse if I tried singing practically any of the metal music I've known the lyrics of for years.

Oh! Out of the blue I got to meet Jared.

Bllllaaghhh I admit I really like his pictures.... He posted this the next day before going on a 5 mile run and swim with his friend. 

Taken by Maeleena D. who I know also took a pic of me and my Mom at her vendor stand that I've been waiting for her to upload. Still, look at the mayor of Benton city, ha ha ha ha..... God my home town cracks me up. I didn't actually make the parade but I saw Little Miss Benton City Daze that was pretty damn cute this year. It was a lot longer than usual, pageants have become popular enough that some of those girls seemed VERY well composed. 

This is Cody V.'s wife and daughter, Koty that won second place in her "division"-- that's new, it used to just be one group of really little girls but now there were three separate age brackets, including preteens. When her name was announced that she was the daughter of Brittany and Cody V. it was kind of a "woah" moment because I went to highschool with both of them and now they have this beautiful little daughter with her own personality and dreams. 

She was the first contestant announced so I was excited to see if there would be any other parents names I'd recognized like Courtnie H.'s daughter or Chrissy's but I didn't. I can't remember saying 2 words to Cody V. in highschool but because he was popular and I took yearbook pictures I'm sure I did at one point or another. Anyway yeah, the pageant was too cute, I'm sure I'll see more daughters of people I recognize in the next few years which is fun to see. 


Jared came into the tri the day before "Benton city daze" (Yes they've been spelling it that way for years). I was excited last night to hear that he was driving here and hoped we'd get a chance to see eachother but for obvious reasons I didn't have my hopes up. Kayla, Koty, Kevin and Austin came over for a little while when I'd invited Koty to come over and play guitar. We originally had the plan to walk around town but it started raining crazy hard. 

Kayla took Austin home pretty quick after they got here. I understand, I had turned on the TV but me and Koty were really wrapped up in guitar. Koty told me I'd gotten a lot better since that last time he saw me which made me soooo happy to hear. Getting a compliment like that from a fellow guitarist is huge, especially someone who loves it as much as Koty. I really need to draw him one of these days, he's been asking me forever but I always find a girl I want to draw more... lol, no offense to Koty, guys are just more of a pain to draw.

After hanging out at my house for awhile waiting for Kayla and Kevin to get back I made a Digorno's pizza that we had some of before heading over to Kayla's with the intention to all hang out and drink a little. I'd picked up my favorite red beer and a Steel Reserve that I didn't end up drinking until going to Jared's later. I'm glad I'd brought it because he was drinking Corona extra that I think tastes like the smell of piss (I'm sorry that's a gross thing to say but it's true). Modelo all the way if you're going Mexican.

Jared texted me pretty shortly after getting to Kayla's place saying he was drinking beer and watching movies and that I was free to join him, this was at about 8. I did stick around at Kayla's for about an hour longer to talk and laugh while chillin out on the front porch and Kevin was working on his motorcycle. Kayla and I have a great time. They were sad I was leaving because they were gonna make mixed drinks. Kayla then had realized they had no soda which kind of gave us a better reason to drive back passed my house. 

I touched up my makeup again (I had a long day so I was by no means looking my best at this point but didn't have time to start my makeup all over). It didn't take long to drive to Jared's Dad's house in the nice part of Richland. I was really impressed by how nice his Dad's place was, but what's funny is Jared and I stayed in their guest room because he hasn't actually lived there.

Jared and I get along pretty well. When we were hanging out in the kitchen downstairs we started talking about Dragon ball Z and the adrenaline I used to get from watching it as a kid. It has the same effect on him but he started watching it when he was 16, ha ha ha. We ended up watching it upstairs and it was like nostalgia crack. I was laughing so hard and having a grand time.

I hope Jared and I get together again but I won't hold my breath. He's a busy dude with all his military stuff and I don't know how often he gets days off. Still this is kind of perfect for me because there's no pressure. He lives on a military base surrounded by other men so I know he loves it when I send pictures on snapchat and texts. I get to see what he's up too and get some of that attention I've been craving without worrying about whether or not we're going to see each other anytime soon.

Alright that's all I had to say tonight. I'm going to see if I can get a blogspot app on my phone tomorrow. I have so many google logins on this computer half the struggle of writing is just getting into the right account.


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