Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Screw you valentines day, I'm going home!

Mad respect. 
The ones that have really mastered it appear to have feet that fly across the floor. 

Wow, I just watched the most incredible documentary. 

Irish dancing isn't something you hear about much in the US. When you see the sequined dresses, extravagant makeup and pincurled hair it almost seems reminicent to beauty pageants but when you realize how much talent these kids have it blows your mind and doesn't compare.  If you have netflix check out the documentary titled "Jig."

What I think makes this dance form so respectable is that the judging is incredibly objective. Smile, looks and personality are always part of the desired total package in any dance competition but Irish dance is judged primarily on accuracy. Each competitor has a different set of judges that are not even allowed to communicate to one another to ensure fairness. 

Uhm, let's see. Today's Tuesday. I did my discussion board assignment for management and practiced my guitar a solid hour. I had a really late start today because I was unable to sleep last night. I've been kind of depressed off and on. I don't like valentines day at all. Every year valentines day reminds me of the guy that I like and the girl that he's out having a fabulous time with. 

While Terry's with his Californian bimbo I'll be back home in the tri cities this weekend. Luckily Radcon is also valentines day weekend so I'll forget about it. This year Radcon should be quite interesting. I'm going with my friend Jonathan and helping volunteer for a couple hours at the front desk. That'll be great because I'll see all kinds of people in my catwoman costume. This year I'm also going to be prepared with a couple changes of clothes for the rave and stuff. 

Of course I'm sure I'll see Rhiannon! And lots of other tri cities people that I went to highschool with that I only see once a year at this thing... The nice thing about this year is because I'm volunteering I'm barely going to have to pay for anything. Every year this event has a way of draining my bank account so this year I'm going to prevent that by being more prepared and resisting impulse buys. I do of course intend to buy a a necklace from the jewelry vendor though. Gotta pick up my little souvenir. The one I picked last year was so ugly!!! 


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